WP Grid Builder is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to streamline the creation of grid layouts for various types of WordPress content and to filter them. With its intuitive interface and robust features, WP Grid Builder enables users to query any WordPress content type and effortlessly build grids. One of its standout features is the integrated faceted search system, which allows users to filter content dynamically.

The concepts of grids and facets can be used independently. A grid can function effectively without a facet, and similarly, a facet can stand alone on a page without a grid. Furthermore, facets can be seamlessly integrated with any content besides grids, leveraging add-ons that connect various page builders and other methods.


WP Grid Builder enhances content organization and presentation in WordPress through its versatile query builder feature. With this functionality, the plugin empowers users to query custom post types, custom taxonomy terms, and WordPress users. This capability allows users to tailor their content showcases to their specific needs, whether it’s for presenting blog posts, portfolio items, products, or any other type of content.


Organizing and presenting WordPress content through grid layouts is streamlined with WP Grid Builder. The plugin offers an intuitive interface to build grid layouts, supporting various styles such as Masonry, Metro, and Justified. Additionally, WP Grid Builder provides a powerful card editor for each grid item, enabling users to customize the content and interaction of individual cards within their grid layouts.


WP Grid Builder features a powerful faceted search system that enhances the user experience by enabling dynamic content filtering. This system offers multiple filters, dynamic capabilities, and customizable facets. It seamlessly integrates with grids created using WP Grid Builder and supports third-party content, providing a cohesive browsing experience for visitors.

WP Grid Builder revolutionizes the way WordPress users create and manage grid layouts, offering unparalleled flexibility and functionality. By allowing users to query any WordPress content type, build custom grids, and implement a sophisticated faceted search system, WP Grid Builder empowers users to showcase their content effectively and engage their audience. Get started with WP Grid Builder today and unlock the full potential of your WordPress website!