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Create a Facet

A facet allows to filter, load, sort or reset content. A facet is always attached to a grid (or template) because a page/post can contains several grids (or templates)

Shortcodes, Blocks, Widgets

Gridbuilder ᵂᴾ works with Shortcodes, Gutenberg Blocks and Widgets. So, whatever the method you are using to edit your pages (Classic Editor, Gutenberg or Page builder), you will be easily able to insert your grids or facets in pages

Create a Card

In this guide, we will describe the principle of the card builder in order to easily create cards. The card builder offers plenty of blocks to insert in card in order to show off content from your posts, terms or users

Create a Grid

In this guide, we will show you the main steps to create a fully functional grid. Grid settings provide further options and possibilities which are not presented in this guide