License FAQ

Can I upgrade my license plan?Can I upgrade my license plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your license at any time. You will only need to cover the price difference. You can easily manage your licenses from your account.

What happens the license expires?What happens the license expires?

You will still be able to use Gridbuilder ᵂᴾ as usual. However you will miss direct support and latest feature updates from us if you don’t renew.

Can I transfer a license domain?Can I transfer a license domain?

Of course! You can activate or deactive a license from the plugin admin panel at any time. You can also manage your license keys directly from your account.

Can I use the plugin on a staging site?Can I use the plugin on a staging site?

Yes, the following TLDs: .devdev.*.staging.staging-*.*.test..test.local will not be considered for activation. And, on localhost, it won’t be taken into account for activation either.

Do you offer a discount on renewals?Do you offer a discount on renewals?

Absolutely! You will receive 20% discount for basic plan, 30% discount for Premium plan and 40% discount for Ultimate plan from the original plan price on renewals.